Automotive Upholstery



If you are in the market for a custom Interior, you have finally found that shop you have been searching for!


At Specialized we have extremely skilled craftsmen with a keen attention to detail, with over 30 years of Award winning excellence.


If you understand excellent quality, materials, and an interior to satisfy your style and customized desires, Specialized is waiting to help you.


We have a broad assortment of colors and materials to fit your wants.

We customize it all!

Vehicle interiors including Concourse level Restorations, Muscle Cars,

Resto Mods, European Exotics, Classics, Daily Drivers and everything in between.


We also proudly use 'Hydes' Leather,

so if you desire that genuine exotic Ferrari or Lamborghini Leather Interior,

we have that too!

We can design and build your dream car from the Floor to the Roof all in house!

If you have an idea, or concept for your interior or if all you have is a color in mind, give us a call!

Why wait to get started on your Fully custom and award winning Interior.