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We do not offer household upholstery repairs.

(eg. couches, recliners etc.)

Using this form below is the most efficient method of getting in contact with us.

We will reach out to you usually within the hour. (9am-5pm)

If you need to speak to someone in particular or are looking for a status update please use the dropdown menu to direct your message to the appropriate department.

If you have any winter projects. (eg. Snowmobile Seats)

Book now as spots are filling quickly!

We do not have a cancellation list

Need an estimate or contact us?
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Message & Attachments Sent!

Be sure to include as many pictures as possible when inquiring, otherwise we cannot offer an online estimate. 

At least one close up and one taken a little further back.

If you are not able to upload any pictures, please give us a call.

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