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We offer auto, marine, hot rod/custom, lexan replacement and custom glass cutting/chopping.

Stone chip repairs are always $50.00 tax Included.

A cracked or chipped windshield is a common occurrence. Whether it’s a result of a flying rock or some other debris, cracks and chips are not insignificant. More than just a cosmetic problem, driving with a cracked windshield in Ontario can be risky and dangerous.

In fact, a chipped or cracked windshield can potentially compromise the structural integrity of a vehicle. The windshield is actually designed to transfer the force of a front-end collision to the chassis of the vehicle.

As well, the windshield keeps the vehicle’s air bag system in place during a collision.

In Ontario it is illegal to drive with a Cracked windshield or a Stone Chip obstructing your view, it will cost you a $110.00 Fine.

We also offer Custom Glass cutting, as well as Boat windows and Machinery Windows


When you need a replacement glass you should have a trained, certified installer perform the work and with over 35 Years experience,

We are here to help.

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